Respite breaks are provided for carers at local and national level to give time-out from the often round the clock care of a family member. They allow the carer space to look after his/her own needs and the needs of their families. To date 5,500 family carers have availed of this service. In-home respite care is provided for the family member for whom care is needed. This means that professional quality care is provided for an agreed period of time while the regular carer is away.

A National Respite Week-end & Conference is held annually at which over 500 family carers attend. The week-end gives carers an opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere with like-minded people creating opportunities for sharing experiences and friendship building. It is also an opportunity for carer voices to be heard by policy makers and decision takers. The venue varies from year to year and to date over 7,500 family carers have availed of this service. The initiative is supported by the HSE.

Carer Group Network

A national network of 109 Carer Groups has been developed throughout the country. The purpose of these Carer Group meetings is to promote friendship, offer shared practical and empathetic support while promoting social activities. Approximately 2,500 family carers attend group meetings each month.

Telecare Service

Telecare services are those provided through technology or equipment allowing older people or people with a disability to feel safe and secure and remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible. It offers immediate help 24 hours per day, 365 days a year at the touch of a button. Read our Support for Carers booklet.

Seniors Alert Scheme

The Seniors Alert Scheme provides grant support for the supply of equipment to enable older people without sufficient means to continue to live securely in their homes. The scheme, which is run by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, replaced the Scheme of Community Support for Older People in May 2010. The grant assistance is made available through community and voluntary groups registered with the Department including Caring for Carers Clare Branch.…/seniors_alert.html

Telecare Services include:

  • Panic Button or Pendant

A Panic Button or Pendant is a personal emergency call button that allows the user to make a call to a call-centre in an emergency even if the phone is out of reach. The cost of providing a Panic Button or Pendant is assisted by the Government Seniors Alert Scheme.

  • Smoke Sensor

A Smoke Sensor is a device that detects smoke and alerts a call-centre. The cost of providing a Smoke Sensor is covered by the Government Seniors Alert Scheme.

  • Bogus Caller Button

A Bogus Caller Button is fixed near the door to provide reassurance and summon assistance in the event of an unexpected caller. This product may be purchased.

For Further Information:

Caring Connections

My Home Reach is a computer based initiative where a person in receipt of care can initiate contact with family or friend(s) or designated individuals in the community. Using touch screen technology the care recipient can establish contact using voice or by selecting a picture of the person they want to contact from their computer screen. Both parties can then see and speak to each other. This initiative allows care recipients enjoy ease of communication, greater social connections, learn new skills and have better medication compliance.

Read our Caring Connections Brochure.

Friendly Call Service

A free confidential Tele-care service, offering support and good neighbour Support Facility to Older People and all adults who feel vulnerable alone or isolated. We maintain a daily telephone call to check on

  • Your well being
  • Remind you to take your prescribed medication
  • Remind you of your Hospital  Appointments
  • Information on Healthy and Enjoyable activities in your area
  • Guide you through statutory services

Call Caring for Carers Ireland at +353 65 6866515 to set up service if required.